The Foundation

When Africans receive higher education, either in-country or abroad, many take that education and create a future for themselves and their families away from their home villages. The draw of money, prestige or opportunity discourages them from bringing their skills and talents back to their home villages.

The Torchbearer Foundation for Missions, Reconciliation and Development is deeply committed to developing the next generation of African entrepreneurs who are motivated to live and work in their home villages. Torchbearer does not just teach entrepreneurship — it addresses the cultural shift required for students to identify their passions, build confidence, gain skills, and convert their dreams into businesses.

pic_DrMartinNibohFounded by Dr. Martin Niboh in 1999, in Branson, Missouri, Torchbearer has offered practical curricula for young people to apply directly to challenges and opportunities in their communities. In 2002, Torchbearer was legally registered in Dr. Niboh’s native Cameroon and gained 501(c)3 status in the United States.

Since its inception, Torchbearer has helped hundreds of African entrepreneurs and their small businesses succeed through projects in Cameroon. The Foundation has conducted work/study trips to Cameroon by groups from Missouri, as well as hosted similar visits by Cameroonians. Our vision has grown over the years, now encompassing the Ignite Africa Capital Campaign and the School of Christian Social Entrepreneurship.