The Mango Story

Peter and Matthew grew up in the same village in Cameroon. Peter moved to the city to become a professor. Matthew stayed in the village and became a mango farmer.

Each morning, Peter eats toast with mango jam, imported from abroad. Matthew gets up before the sun to tend to his small mango crop, and at harvest sells mangoes at the fruit stand in his village.

While Matthew is knowledgeable about how to grow and sell mangoes, he doesn’t know how to reach customers beyond his village.

Besides his friend Peter in the city, Matthew has no connections outside of his village, and doesn’t know how to turn his mangoes into jam or any other products.

With the right education, training and problem-solving skills, Matthew would have an understanding of how to farm his mangoes more efficiently, how to process them into a variety of marketable finished products, and how to ship them to the city. And Peter could wake up each day and eat his friend’s mango jam on toast.