The School of Christian Social Entrepreneureship

A Sustainable Organic Farm in Action

The School of Christian Social Entrepreneurship’s first campus is a sustainable organic farm in Cameroon that focuses on the production, transformation and sale of produce into marketable products. Starting with 50 students in year one, and growing to 100 students by year three, the School teaches entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and a mastery of small group dynamics to help students solve community problems by starting sustainable businesses that solve real-world challenges.

The School is a tuition-free, work-study environment, teaching a broad range of farm and vocational trade skills that provide students with a lifetime of job creation opportunities. Half of the time students attend classes where they are assigned readings and projects that are enhanced with guided weekly discussions in small instructor-led groups.

The other half of the time students work 20 hours per week in on-campus operations, gaining hands-on experience in jobs ranging from administrative and teaching assistantships to organic farming and product commercialization. Besides providing tuition-free education for students, this model allows the School to reduce expenses by hiring fewer full-time staff. Work-study campuses around the world have proven to be the best means to educate and empower students with skills and experiences that directly relate to real-world needs and opportunities.