Oct 30th
Africa is still a place where love, liberty, and empowerment are still battles to be fought, not principles already accepted and cherished. Therefore, we the people of Africa, must begin the work of unconditional love, liberty, and self-empowerment by building a united Africa.
Jan 27th
Free the African mind, spirit, heart, and body ... Detoxify religion, politics, entrepreneurship, and everything else that is toxic in Africa ... Unite and empower Africa to defend and honor her children wherever they may be in the world. https://t.co/ppgRBZ2AIT
IgnitingAfrica photo
UN Women @UN_Women
“As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” -- Virginia Woolf, born #OnThisDay. #ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/8vTjsNW850
Jan 21st
Much of religion in Africa is spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing, which is the use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks. Its the reason Africa development is lagging.
Jan 20th
"Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed."- Benjamin Franklin .... This new generation of Africans has to earn a new birth of liberty, by working for a free & united Africa.
Jan 20th
Igniting Africa is calling on young Africans to do for Africa what Dr. King did for America https://t.co/qo8WlbwLoo
Jan 2nd
Africa needs a new birth of freedom and unity. The killings of freedom-loving Africans by their government is unacceptable. Africans everywhere must care, speak out, and act out in support of liberty and unity. With liberty comes security and prosperity https://t.co/Xr1DgbImJ1
Dec 21st
What is liberty/freedom? A condition in which an individual's will regarding his/her own person and property is unopposed by any other will. It is also the availability of options. The greater the number of options the greater the freedom. God the Creator gave life and liberty.
Nov 20th
Political events in Kenya and Zimbabwe highlight a need Africans know deep n their hearts: the need for a free, united, peaceful, powerful and prosperous Africa. No one African country can become an island of prosperity by itself. The sooner Africa becomes one nation, the better
May 23rd
Africans must revolt against the entrenchment of dictatorship and organize to secure their liberty & prosperity. We swim or sink together.
May 16th
As Africans think, so will Africa be ... So keep thinking about. and working for, a united, free, peaceful, powerful, and prosperous Africa.
May 14th
The internal instabilities in Africa hurt. A united, free, peaceful, powerful, and prosperous Africa will bring healing. Let's do it NOW.
Mar 14th
Meeting with friends of Africa in Ohio. Cold and snow-covered in OH but all good. Pray for success in major meetings tomorrow. God is love.
Feb 21st
So CPAC is allowed to find moral reasons to shut out @MiloYiannopoulous but universities aren't allowed to find moral reasons to do same?
Feb 17th
Africans must develop the consciousness that injustice against any African is injustice against ALL. Hang together, or hang separately.
Dec 29th
Africa's oppressed, brutalized & Freedom-loving, people fighting for good governance. May love & wisdom prevail .. https://t.co/H68qYTBgDX
Dec 29th
Transition of political power is a problem in much of Africa. See Gambia, Congo, Zimbabwe. Unification of Africa is the solution #niboh
Dec 17th
We need a united Africa, born in liberty ... only a united Africa, is best suited to handle these situations ... https://t.co/GnPekstlZ1
Dec 12th
The 40th Miss Nigeria will be crowned on December 19, 2016. Africa needs to have a Miss Africa with a Pan-Africa platform. #Africa #niboh

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